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Coda: Oklahoma!

I should have known this already, but it was obviously a bad idea to write my way through this movie without ever seeing “Oklahoma!” So, I watched it for the first time with friends last night. It’s a strange experience. I’d argue that “Oklahoma!” is an even stranger film than “I’m Thinking of Ending Things.” […]

The End

I’ve really put off — and therefore artificially built up — this final chapter of my little “I’m Thinking Of …” analysis. That’s never a good idea. I mean, Goethe put off Part II of Faust for something like 40 years, but he was fucking Goethe. I’m just spitballing some movie impressions, not trying to […]

26. The Ballet

The thing I like best about this film is Charlie Kaufman’s fearlessness. He doesn’t really care if fans of the book complain about the ways it deviates from the story. He shrugs at the thought that the movie is stuffed with intellectualism that will turn off most casual viewers of movies on Netflix. He lets […]

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