I’ve made it through roughly two-thirds of the film without take a day off from blogging it, but now we’ve entered the “Society of the Spectacle” discussion and, short as the scene is, I think it has a great deal of relevance for the film in general, especially the ending, so I’m going to call […]

21. Escaping Tulsey Town

It’s time now to at last free ourselves of the smothering atmosphere of Tulsey Town, with it’s all too obvious David Lynch allusions, reference to a novel I don’t really want to read, premonitions of dread that turn out to be vaguely correct but specifically off target. Other than changing the name from Dairy Queen […]

20. Sweet But Cold

But wait, there’s even more that I skipped past in my hurry to get to Tulsey Town. After sharing a humorous reverie about what the fictional place called Tulsey Town might be, Jake declares that the queen of TT is sweet but cold, to which the young woman replied “like your mum.” Oops, joke taken […]

19. An Alienating Society

My efforts to assay the film in a linear fashion are clearly falling apart, and that feels entirely appropriate. Yesterday I jumped into the Tulsey Town section and in the process skipped some important connective tissue between the “Influence” section and the dessert break. As the discussion of the Cassavettes film winds down, Jake makes […]

18. Tulsey Town

One of the issues begging to be addressed as the couple arrive for ice cream at Tulsey Town — a fictional chain invented by Kaufman when Dairy Queen refused to participate — is the overpowered nature of the young woman. It’s a major problem. She seems to know everything and is capable of comforting or […]

17. Time Passing Through Us

I find interesting that, on the week of my birthday, I completely ignored a section of the film where the young woman muses about time, and how some see life as moving through time, but she believed that we are stationary and time passes through us. Time is like a cold wind, stealing our heat […]

16. Comfort Zones

The close of the “Influence” section of the movie is a good time to take stock of an important trait of our main characters. In addition to all of the other ways that Jake and the young woman compare and contrast, they are also very interesting examinations of comfort zones and how they affect relationships. […]

15. The Genius Anima

Much of the scene that follows the couple leaving the parents’ house is taken up with recap of what happened, feelings about the recap and confusion on the young woman’s part about what happened. The first time watching the movie, it’s easy to get caught up in the “what is happening” aspect of the plot. […]

13. Jake’s Bedroom

The scenes in the house move at a glacial pace, and I suspect this is mostly by design to try to heighten the suspense. The movie starts to feel like it belongs to the horror genre at this point and there’s a bit of a head fake from Kaufman in that regard. So I understand […]